TUESDAY APRIL 4 2023 – 13h00-14h00 – How does being a mentor influence my practice? Findings from a qualitative study with OT mentors

Suzanne Yee Lin Mak, PhD candidate., OT(c), erg.Suzanne Mak

Associate Director & Assistant Professor (professional), School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University
Global Health and Ethics Rehabilitation (G.H.E.R) Lab
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation (CRIR)



Location: Hybrid-MAB (link and room number will be sent to registered participants)

Offered by: Clinical research coordinating team in rehab, Directorate of Academic Affairs and Research Ethics

Summary: Mentoring is proposed as a key strategy to foster personal and professional growth of health care professionals (e.g., appraisal of practice) which in turn, can contribute to high quality patient care. Despite the evidence on the benefits of being a mentor, little is known about how mentoring shapes the professional practice of occupational therapists (OT).  We conducted a qualitative study to explore OT mentors’ experiences of mentoring and how these impacted their roles as OTs. Twelve mentors from the McGill OT mentoring program were interviewed via Zoom. Participants described positive aspects of being a mentor, personalized direct benefits and challenges related to mentoring. Future implications should aim at finding ways to advocate for health care professionals to become mentors and to develop resources to support mentors in their roles. 

Infographics Presentation Recording

For more information on results, contact Suzanne Mak: susanne.mak@mcgill.ca

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal