Research Labs

Research and knowledge mobilization in our sites focus on a variety of contemporary issues in rehabilitation. The proximity of research labs, as they are situated in our facilities, increases collaborations and sharing between researchers, students, clinicians, managers, and service users of rehabilitation and multidisciplinary services.

Image of Climb Lab

Clinical Integration of Musculoskeletal Biomechanics (CLIMB) Lab 

Researchers: Shawn Robbins, Richard Preuss, and Nancy St-Onge


Biomedical Research and Informatics Living Lab for Innovative Advances of New Technologies in Mobility 

Researchers: Sara Ahmed

image of group of young people in the playgroung

Advancing Strategies for Participation-based Initiatives in Rehabilitation

Researchers: Dana Anaby

image of person in pain

Multimodal predictors of rehabilitation outcomes following painful musculoskeletal injuries.

Researchers: Timothy Wideman

image of Concordia Vision Lab LOGO

To better understand how vision and visual perception functions in humans.

Researchers: Aaron Johnson

image of person with vision aid

All aspects of low vision research that are relevant to the rehabilitation of individuals with visual impairment.

Researchers: Walter Wittich

image pf person holding a camera

To capture the voices of young people living with disabilities & make it heard through audiovisual productions

Researchers: Chantal Robillard


Person Centred Health Informatics Lab

Researchers: Sara Ahmed

image of Dr. Keiko's team

Participation and Knowledge Translation in Childhood Disabilities (PAR-KT) Lab 

Researchers: Keiko ShikakoThomas

image of Athletic Therapy Research Lab's team

 To evaluate the kinetic and kinematics variables in humans

Researchers: Geoff Dover