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Join us in our 2023 workshop series on sexuality in rehabilitation

The Directorate of Academic Affairs and Research Ethics of the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal has joined forces with two CRIR Ph.D. students, Cassioppée Guay et Louis-Pierre Auger, to offer you a workshop series on sexuality in rehabilitation (DP-DI-TSA).

The workshops have the objectives to:

  • Sensitize clinicians about sexual experience and needs of people living with a disability;
  • Provide tools to address sexuality in rehabilitation;
  • Inform clinicians of existing resources and trainings.


TUESDAY MAY 2 2023 – 12h00-13h00

The importance of addressing sexuality according to testimonials of France Rochon et Linda Gauthier

Linda Gauthier is principal consultant and administrator of RAPLIQ: Regroupement des activistes pour l’inclusion au Québec. This Quebec organization supports and accompanies people with disabilities (PWD) to defend and claim their rights. Linda participates in various committees and public consultations to promote PWD’s rights. She is interested in various systems of oppression in an intersectional approach, including racism, sexism and ableism.

France Rochon

France Rochon is administrator of the Coop ASSIST. This Quebec-based cooperative of consumers by and for people with disabilities aims to offer each member support for the management of their personal assistance services. Through her activism, France also created the Facebook group Sexploration et Handicap to offer people with disabilities a space for discussion on sexuality. ***Although she is no longer amongst us, her contribution to improving the lives of people living with disabilities lives on.



THURSDAY MAY 25 2023 – 12h00-13h00

*To access the documentation and recording, please contact Chantal Robillard.

Picture of Isabelle Wallach

Myths about sexuality & sexuality in palliative care

Isabelle Wallach, Professor at the Department of Sexology, UQAM
Trained as an anthropologist, she is also affiliated with the Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale (CREGÉS) and newly responsible for the Vieillissements, Exclusions sociales et Solidarité (VIES) partnership research team.
Her work focuses on various themes related to sexuality in the context of aging and she is currently leading a research
project on the recognition of the sexuality of older persons in the context of palliative care

Picture of Louis-pierre AugerTo better understand the potential impact of health conditions on participation in sexuality-related activities to better integrate the topic into our clinical practice (presentation in French)

Louis-Pierre Auger, Occupational Therapist and Doctoral student in Occupational Therapy, University of Montreal
Louis-Pierre is an occupational therapist who worked for more than five years in intensive functional rehabilitation with a clientele suffering from a neurological disorder, in particular a stroke, before beginning his graduate studies at the Université de Montréal.
He devoted his master’s and doctoral studies to improving knowledge and developing tools to improve the provision of sexuality-related rehabilitation services for post-stroke patients. Louis-Pierre particularly uses qualitative methods and participatory approaches to study his areas of interest, namely sexuality, rehabilitation and implementation sciences.

RECORDING in French only

THURSDAY, JUNE 15 2023 – 12h00-13h00

Picture of Cassioppee Guay

Presentation of a directory of resources, tools and training to support people with disabilities in the sexual sphere (presentation in French)

Cassioppée Guay, Occupational Therapist and doctoral student in Sexology, UQAM
Cassioppée is an occupational therapist, a doctoral student in Sexology at UQAM and a student member of the Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation de Montréal. They have been teaching the “Sexuality, Disabilities and Ableism” course in the Department of Sexology at UQAM since the fall of 2021.
Their thesis project in participatory action research focuses on the sexually satisfying experiences of adults with physical disabilities in order to improve sexual health and rehabilitation services in Quebec. They are particularly interested in personal, environmental and occupational factors that are barriers or facilitators to the achievement of a full and satisfying sexuality, in order to better understand what would be the targets and levers of clinical intervention.

RECORDING in French only

For members of the RSSS: REQUEST TO DIRECTORY * TO RECOMMEND A NEW RESOURCE (For members of the general public, please contact Chantal Robillard:

Presentation and instructions to directory (PDF, in French only)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2023 – 12h00-13h00

MSPOT Presentation: Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources for Health Care Professionals Working with Youth with Physical, Hearing, and Visual Impairments: A Scoping Review

Students: Samantha Lapenna, Hailey Owens, Lexxus Reid, Jessica Saragosa, Kaylee Scott
Academic Supervisor: Liliane Asseraf-Pasin, Professor, School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (SPOT), McGill University 
Clinical Supervisors: Zoe Lavallée, Occupation Therapist; Chantal Robillard, Clinical Research Coordinator, CCOMTL

For more information, please contact: Chantal Robillard, team leader, clinical research coordination Team,

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal