Our Mission

Supporting the physical rehabilitation services through the mobilization of knowledge, research and innovation to ensure an exceptional user experience. 

Our Vision

In order to offer an exceptional experience to our service users, we believe that different types of knowledge need to be valued and shared:
– research evidence,
– clinical expertise and
– clients’ experiences.

We, the clinical research coordinating team of the Directorate of Academic Affairs and Research Ethics, believe in the importance of having researchers and students working close to the clinical teams and service users by being directly in the establishment whenever possible. While increasing the visibility of research, it also allows everyone to get to know each other.
Stakeholders working together lead to co-creating relevant and timely research projects that can support clinical practice and impact the lives of people living with disabilities and their families.
We know, these things take time and commitment, but our team is there to help along the way!
That’s why we hope to continue working with our partners in rehabilitation research and clinical innovations to nurture a field of knowledge that ultimately leads to evidence-based best practices.