Participate in the project presentations based on your clinical questions!

Come encourage the students and teams who worked hard all year on these projects based on clinical questions from our settings.

The presentations are open to everyone! Please register here


AUGUST 24 , 10h00-11h00, Constance Lethbridge site, Edith Strauss A

New Drivers with Physical Disabilities: Success Rate Distribution at the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay-Rehabilitation-Center Driving Readiness Program 

Speakers: Tracy Chan, Sara Doyle, Anastasia Johnson, Kevin Le, Gabrielle Schmidtke

Clinical supervisor: Minh-Thy Truong  McGill supervisor: Isabelle Gélinas 


AUGUST 26, 12h00-13h00, online

Optimizing Physiotherapy Services in older adults with visual and balance deficits by adapting strategies from orientation and mobility specialists  

Speakers: Amy Gan, Dya Al-Haddad, Antoine Vu, Hattie Chen 

Clinical supervisors: Mika Takada-Leduc, Maire-Noëlle Labrie 

McGill supervisor: Richard Preuss  


AUGUST 29, 12:00-13:00, online

Current practices in the assessment and rehabilitation of reading difficulties in homonymous hemianopsia 

Speakers: Heloïse Vandal-Lavigne, Julia Saracino, Nicole Besner, Pamela Provias  

Clinical supervisors: Meghan Rivers, Melanie Holmes, Marie-Claude Héroux  McGill supervisor: Eva Kehayia 


AUGUST 29 , 12:00-13:00, online 

Muscle activation and performance during stair climbing in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis before and after total knee arthroplasty 

Conférenciers/SpeakersMaxymme Begin, Nicolas Couture, Noah Margolese, Rachel Lew

Superviseurs McGill supervisors: Shawn Robbins and Anthony Teoli

The Effect of Pain-related Threat on the Trunk Muscle Activation Patterns during a Lifting Task in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain 

Speakers : Buyngjin James Kim, Caterina Giannini, Qi Meng Sun, Sebastien Weber 

McGill supervisors: Shawn Robbins and Patrick Ippersiel


AUGUST 31, 11h00-12h00, Jewish General Hospital – OT department (for clinical team only) and online 

Promoting independence and safety in older adults: Developing a guide for caregivers  

Speakers : Arianne Sénécal, Chelsea Bloom, Noa Hitterman, Tina Ivanov

Clinical supervisors: Krystina Prsa; Jenna Orchard; Myriam More  McGill supervisor: Barbara Mazer 


SEPTEMBER 1, 12:00-13:00, online

Youth with physical disabilities and mental health  

Speakers: Amanda Amalfi, Emilie Rinaldi, Vanessa Théberge-Lamoureux, Carmen Tang, Jia Yin Li  

Clinical supervisors: Elise Rajotte & Katrina Cardif  McGill supervisor: Dana Anaby