Great success of the Rehabilitation Scientific Day!

Create a scientific culture in rehabilitation – June 24 2022

It was with a full house that the Directorate of Academic Affairs held the second edition of its Rehabilitation Scientific Day on June 14 2022 at the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Center.

Over 150 clinicians, managers, students, researchers, and service users joined forces in this year’s event aimed at creating a scientific culture of empowerment in rehabilitation.  The pandemic has led us to rethink the way we do things, weigh what we keep or, on the contrary, what should be modified to reflect new realities. This in-person half-day event offered a space to meet and share innovative solutions and strategies to empower different stakeholders to act on the rehabilitation services of tomorrow. With this collective reflection, we contribute to offering an exceptional user-experience in rehabilitation. As a participant summarized, this day was the occasion to “meet partners in person (not virtually!) and to take a collective time to think about research in rehabilitation.”

Keynote speaker, Daniel Weinstock, philosopher of health and Associate Dean at McGill Faculty of Law presented a dynamic and instructive talk on conceptions of relational autonomy and how our disciplinary anchors may impact the inclusiveness of our interventions. Natalina Martiniello and Shirley Dumassais discussed how these concepts apply in their daily activities, as clinician and student in the field of visual rehabilitation.Participants then had the chance to take part in an intellectual speed dating activity, where more than 20 projects and clinical innovations were presented and discussed. Congratulations to Aisha Khan on winning the coup de coeur prize for her presentation! Finally, a panel discussion in which clinicians, service users, researchers and students presented their experiences allowed to illustrate strategies to make research and innovation a fertile ground for the engagement of everyone.

This event was a great success for the co-construction of knowledge providing new directions for rehabilitation services. Many thanks to clinicians, students and researchers who presented and to everyone who participated! 

You can view the program here