GUSTO-WORK is an intervention that has the objective to improve cooking activities that are transferable and predictive of a successful return to work. This project is led byFrédériquePoncet, site researcher at Montreal West-Central, in collaboration with the Return to work program at the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Center(LLMRC).

A first intervention group for people with an acquired brain injury who want to return to work was rolled out this Fall. The group was supervised by Vanessa Patrice, the occupational therapist at the(LLMRC). A second group is scheduled for this Winter. Congratulations and thank you to Vanessa for her involvement in this project!

We look forward to sharing the results with you!

Would you like to know more about GUSTO?

Don’t hesitate to contact Frédérique Poncet to discuss the project or intervention with her directly!

You can also consult the following article Gusto: A community-based culinary intervention to improve cooking skills and cognitive-motor and executive functions in healthy older adults. See article here (in French)

Congratulations to Frédérique who received the price FRQS Alice-Girard for this article! See the news here (In French).