Last August, we had the chance to learn more about the projects that were conducted over the past year by the students in physiotherapy and occupational therapy at McGill. Thank you to all the students who presented and the clinicians who attended.  

A special congratulations to clinicians who co-supervised projects this year!  

  • Minh-Thy Truong, Constance-Lethbridge 
  • Alissa Merilees, Constance-Lethbridge & Hemaxi Patel, Mackay school 
  • Meghan Rivers, Marie-Claude Héroux & Melanie Holmes, MAB site 
  • Élise Rajotte & Katrina Cardiff, site MAB 

Projects like these can provide meaningful information and even help create relevant resources for clinical teams or clients.  

For example, for the project A knowledge translation project for caregiver education of Wheelchair transportation safety, the students created great videos for safe wheelchair transportation which include best current evidence in terms of format and content.  

The videos are available on the CRLLM website:  

Would you like to submit a question for a future project? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Andréanne Guindon to learn more about how it works :