We are delighted to announce that Dr Dana Anaby, Prof SPOT, CRIR researcher affiliated with the CIUSSS West-Centreal, has received a grant as part of the program: Support for social participation OPHQ — REPAR 2023-2024.

This project : “Building capacity of youth with physical disabilities to remove environmental barriers and pursue social participation in ‘real-world’ settings: A mixed methods study” will be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Mallory Ryan, Dr. Aline Bogossian and Dr.Mats Granlund .

This funding will support the project which aims to examine how interventions can be used to strengthen the capacity of youth and young adults with reduced mobility (aged 15-24) to pursue new participation goals on their own.

The financial support for this project will help to highlight innovative solutions to promote the inclusion and autonomy of young people living with disabilities.